Doughboy Pool Parts Deluxe Skimmer - Gray or Almond

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Doughboy Pool Deluxe Skimmer - Gray 0-2094-015 

Doughboy Pool Deluxe Skimmer - Almond 0-2094-015

  • Has more skimming surface area that removes surface debris much faster.
  • Allows for more pool water height fluctuation – reducing the need to frequently add water.
  • Holds twice the water volume than the competition’s so-called “wide-mouth skimmers.”
  • Has a basket that is twice the size of the competition – for fewer trips to clean it.
  • Has an exclusive vacuum port built into its faceplate enabling direct hookup of vacuum.
  • Has warranties four times longer than the competition’s 90-day warranties.
  • Choice of skimmer body colors in gray or beige. 
  • Massive snap-in dual braces offer even distribution of weight on the pool wall.
  • Heavy-duty see-thru lid serves as a vacuum plate; allows you to see the leaf basket.
  • 2″ skimmer extension provides the additional clearance necessary to accommodate our massive 8 1/2″ or 10 1/2″ top rails.
  • Hard Plumb Adapter Kit has a glue on adapter for the skimmer and screw on adapter for the return.
  • In-Ground Skimmer Extension Kit extends the Doughboy skimmer to the height required to finish a walkway.