Free Bottle Filter Cleaner with purchase of Spa Marvel Duo

Hot Tub Duo Spa Marvel Cleanser and Water Treatment - Save plus Free Gift!

  • $85.98
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  • Save $3.98

  • This item includes both the Cleanser and the Water Treatment
  • Proprietary Formula
  • Eliminates hot tub rash
  • reduces itching, rashes, odors, coughing associated with spa use
  • Helps prevent scum lines and foaming
  • Allows for less sanitizer use. Supports optimal water balance.
  • Reduces Biofilms, organics, mineral and chemical deposits
  • use on a new spa start-up, or on existing spas.
  • Use the Cleanser first, followed-up by the Water Treatment. Read all instructions

Save almost $4 when you buy both the Cleanser and the Water Treatment. Must buy Spa Marvel Duo package.