Hot Spring Spa Cover Lifter, UpRite

Hot Spring Spa Cover Lifter, UpRite

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Designed for installation on the following models:  

Hot Spring: 2004-and-newer Vista, Envoy, Aria, and Accolade, 1997-and-newer Grandee and Vanguard, 1996-and-newer Landmark, Sovereign, Sovereign LE, Prodigy, Jetsetter.

Tiger River: 2003-and-newer Caspian, 1997-and-newer Bengal, Sumatran, and Siberian, 1996-and-newer Khyber and Manora.

Limelight: 2008-and-newer Pulse, Flair, Glow and Bolt.

Hot Spot: 2003-and-newer La Palma, Mallorca, Sorrento, Trinidad, Tobago and 2010-and-newer Tempo, Rhythm, Relay.


Please note the UpRite is not an option for the Hot Spot SX.

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